Karin Aue


As a creative practitioner my aim is to create unique user experiences, with the power to foster positive and sustainable change. I am a firm believer in a fundamentally human centred approach to design and art. A deep understanding of the people around you, combined with an open, multidisciplinary and iterative process allows for true innovative and impactful outcomes.

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, I moved on to live, study and work in Rotterdam, Berlin, London, Zurich and Tokyo. For several years now, I have found a base in Singapore where I am partner at a strategic design consultancy.

I have been working as a designer across the globe for many internationally renowned companies and institutions such as IDEO, KesselsKramer, Tama Bi University (Tokyo) and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (O.M.A.), or IDEA. 

As a freelance illustrator I have been able to establish a wide range of international clients including NOKIA, HP or the National University of Singapore to name just a few.

I deeply enjoy what I do and thrive on the luxury to do for a living what I am passionate about.



En Plein Air


Artist Statement

I deeply enjoy basing my illustrations on texts, the inspiration is concrete yet abstract, allowing me to bring to life what normally only exists in the reader’s mind. By reading and re-reading poems in Curb and focusing on certain passages I find patterns, themes and elements that stick out and strike a chord. These are the starting points of my compositions. The artwork is a mix of hand and digitally sketched illustration, combined with photograph elements and digital painting.