About Curb



the PEN America Open Book Award

Curb maps our post-9/11 political landscape by locating the wounds of domestic terrorism at unacknowledged sites of racial and religious conflict across cities and suburbs of the United States.

Divya Victor documents how immigrants and Americans navigate the liminal sites of everyday living: lawns, curbs, and sidewalks undergirded by violence but also constantly repaved with new possibilities of belonging. Curb witnesses immigrant survival, familial bonds, and interracial parenting in the context of nationalist and white-supremacist violence against South Asians. The book refutes the binary of the model minority and the monstrous, dark “other” by reclaiming the throbbing, many-tongued, vermillion heart of kith.

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Portions of this Curb first appeared as an artists’ book which was commissioned, designed, and printed by Aaron Cohick of The Press at Colorado College, with a Clamshell box made by Further Other Book Works. The binding is a double-sided accordion-fold spine, with sewn-in chapbooks and fold-outs. The printing incorporates a traditional, carefully crafted approach to typography and letterpress printing; a complete reversal of those traditions through repetitive overprinting; and direct rubbings made from sidewalks and curbs, which imprint the pages with a textural trace of concrete. The book measures 12.5” x 8” (closed) and 12.5” x 13’ (fully extended). Without Aaron Cohick’s CC commission, no iteration of Curb would have been possible. For more information, visit thepressatcoloradocollege.org/curb.